NHS e-Referral Functionality

1. Incomplete Referrals (UBRNs) QRG v4.0

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Action required: Important new NHS e-Referral functionality

Occasionally, when users make a referral through their GP systems, the user exits the NHS e-Referral service before the referral process has been completed.  Whilst the referral unique booking reference number (UBRN) can appear in the GP system records, up until now there has been no way of viewing or processing the unfinished referral in e-RS, so the only option has been to start the referral process again with a new referral UBRN. An enhancement, introduced in June,  makes these unfinished referrals visible on the Referrer Action Required worklist in e-RS, with a status of incomplete referral. In addition they are also viewable on the patient tab by searching for the UBRN, from where you will also be able to see if a duplicate referral has already been created, in which case, the incomplete referral can be cancelled.  

The attached guide (1.) details how you can process or cancel these incomplete referrals.

Please note: It is important that the Referrer Action Required worklist is checked regularly and that all referrals on this list are  actioned in a timely manner.

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