Urology Referrals – Haematuria

From a recent Patient Tracking List meeting at DBTHFT, it has come to light that both Doncaster and Bassetlaw general practices are booking into an a incorrect urology clinic, surrounding Haematuria referrals. Currently a large cohort of patient, who should be assigned to a Haematuria clinic, are being booked into a General Urology clinic. Please would you disseminate a message to Practices to correctly allocate the correct clinic code:

For Doncaster GP’s

  • General Urology (Service Code: 217026)
  • Haematuria (Service Code: 142502)


  • For Bassetlaw GP’s
  • General Urology (Service Code: 221850
  • Haematuria (Service Code: 221837)
  • Any queries, please contact me
  • Thanks
  • Matthew Hird
  • 01302 566137 or matthew.hird1@nhs.net