Primary Care Performance & Intelligence introduction

The Performance and Intelligence Primary Care Team (part of the overall Performance and Intelligence Service) at NHS Doncaster CCG are on hand to support all Doncaster GP Practices in regards to data, information and intelligence. The team are made up of two members of staff (Chris Empson and Gemma Sessions) and they have access to a large range of information sources.  They are able to provide assistance in the understanding of the following (but not limited to) data sources:

  • GP Practice Demographics
  • Geographical Demographics
  • GP Patient Survey and Patient Experience
  • Secondary Care Usage (A&E Attendances, Admissions, Referrals, Waiting Times, ECP, Out of Hours, etc.)
  • Ambulance Usage and 111
  • GP Prescribing

They also provide training and understanding on the following systems:

  • The Primary Care Matrix (previously the PBCi Portal) – launched 1st April 2017
  • GPFind (the new directory of services for Doncaster practices) – launched 1st April 2017
  • Risk Stratification

One of the key roles of the team is to remove the need for GP Practices to use vital business time in analysing their own data by allowing us to work through the information available and provide each organisation with a clear understanding on a 1-2-1 level.  Whether the organisation needs information to support an enhanced service, incentive scheme or is simply trying to understand the external health impacts on their business, we are on hand to help.

For further information on what the Performance and Intelligence Primary Care Team can offer, please contact:

Chris Empson

Information Technology and Systems Programme Manager

01302 566296


Gemma Sessions

Senior Data and Systems Analyst

01302 566282