Introduction to IT & Data Quality

The IT Project & Data Quality team’s primary aim is to assist GP practices to achieve their deliverables by facilitating in good data quality practice and implementation of new IT projects.

The current work plan is based on a 3 year rolling programme. They are tasked to assist practices to achieve paper light status as required by NHS England and Commissioners, and to give advice, support and training on new IT projects to improve current working procedures and patient care.

The team work for both Doncaster and Rotherham CCGs and are based at Sovereign House and Oak House.


Projects on the 3 year Plan

All Doncaster GP practices have now completed and submitted their paperlight approval forms and are awaiting accreditation.
Patient Online
All practices have enabled Patient Online and are striving to achieve the targets set by NHS England where not already met. Targets are likely to increase year on year and the team aim to give support and advice to any practices having difficulties in signing patients up.
Patient online gives patients access to:
• On Line Appointment Booking
• On Line Repeat Prescribing
• On Line Access to Health Record
Enriched Summary Care Record (ESCR)
Doncaster GP practices have had Summary Care Record (SCR) enabled since 2014 or before for all patients who have not opted out.

The Enriched Summary Care Record will allow other health providers with access to SCR the ability to see important information for patients with complex need, ie. case management/palliative care patients. The additional coded information is sent to the spine from the GP record giving other health care providers the information they require to make informed decisions regarding patient care. Explicit consent is required from each patient to upload this additional information.

All GP practices are now enabled for GP2GP. The IT Project & Data Quality Team gave initial training on how to accept and process patient records received electronically.
The process for sending electronic transfers from GP clinical systems is automatic, but incoming records must be checked for accuracy.
Large messaging functionality is now available across all Doncaster GP practices. This functionality overcomes the NHS spine restrictions (smaller than 5MB or 99 attachments), but please note that not all areas are enabled for large messaging and both the sending and receiving practices require this functionality to transfer larger records.

Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)
All but 4 Doncaster GP practices will be live with EPS by the end of March 2017.
The IT Project & Data Quality Team have assisted with the successful roll out and training for the electronic transfer of prescriptions and are currently working with practices to achieve the 80% sending rate target for repeat prescribing.
They are now working with the Medicines Management team to assist with the introduction of repeat dispensing for appropriate patients.

SMS Texting

Emis and SystmOne have SMS texting functionality which can be configured to the practice requirements. The patient can receive text confirmation and/or reminders for appointments which helps to reduce the number of missed appointments in GP practices . The system can also be configured to send test results.
The team can advise and assist in the setup of SMS texting.
Electronic Palliative Care Co-ordination Systems (EPaCCS) enable the recording and sharing of people’s care preferences and key details about their care at the end of life. The IT Project & Data Quality Team have worked with GP practices, RDASH and other interested parties to design a template and other resources to including all information detailed in the a national information standard for End of Life Care Co-ordination (ISB 1580).
27 Doncaster practices have had the EPaCCS set up and training on their clinical system.

Discharge Summaries
Doncaster practices are currently being enabled to receive electronic discharge summaries as secure fax will no longer be permitted for sending discharge summaries to GPs from NHS Trusts, NHS Foundation Trusts or independent sector providers of acute services.

Clinical Letters
Project currently on hold
SystmOne Word Integration
All Doncaster SystmOne practices have now been enabled for SystmOne Word Integration. This allows the import and export of letter templates for sharing between practices. The team are now also able to publish letters on our PCT reporting unit for sharing out to GP practices. The use of published letters relieves the practice of the responsibility of producing and updating their own copies.

NHS e-Referral Service
After March, 2018, paper referrals will no longer be accepted by NHS Foundation Trusts. All referrals will have to be sent electronically prior to this cut-off date. The team have requested that any problems encountered with bookings please be referred to D& so they can log and resolve any issues.

The team give support to practices to provide the evidence required for enhanced service delivery and investigate where the recording of data may be going wrong. They provide some of the templates and reports where practices are not required to write their own.

2 week wait referrals
The team has designed and provided templates for the letters required for referral for 2 week wait requests. These are available on the intranet for importing into your clinical system.

New Equipment Requests
For any requests for replacement/new IT equipment, please complete the form and return to our generic mailbox D& for consideration

The IT Project and Data Quality Team can offer training and advice on any of the above topics, plus other areas pertaining to data quality including summarising of clinical records.